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Hej, I'm Stadicus.

I'm an IT engineer and Bitcoin enthusiast. At Shift Crypto AG in Zurich I build Bitcoin hardware with the goal to improve digital sovereignty.

I love to tinker and build stuff. I am also fascinated with digital currencies, so I built my own Bitcoin and Lightning Full Node with a simple low-cost Raspberry Pi some time ago. I documented my learnings in my RaspiBolt: Beginner's Guide to Lightning on a Raspberry Pi.

If you would like to get in touch with me, either regarding Bitcoin, other nerdy stuff or just say hi, feel free to reach out. My email address is and my Twitter handle is @Stadicus3000.

My PGP key is 82AB 5823 58C3 7100 221A 0FA8 CF4D 0ACF 957A F4AD. You can download it here as stadicus-pubkey.asc or from my Keybase profile.